Pre-Requisite Practitioner Courses

Interested in becoming a Practitioner?

Required Courses

I. FOUNDATIONS LEVEL – Pick one of these three courses
Beyond Limits (108U)
Foundations (105U & 106U)
Spiritual Path/Spiritual Mind Treatment (101/102)

Essential Ernest Holmes (225U)

III. TROWARD COURSEWORK – Pick one of these two courses 
Creative Process and the Individual  (213)
The Edinburgh Lectures (207)                                                  

IV, HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY COURSEWORK – Pick one of these two courses
Exploring Roots (224U)
From Whence We Came

V. CONSCIOUSNESS COURSEWORK – Pick one of these six courses
Building a Healing Consciousness (103)
Meditation is More Than You Think (223U)
Practical Mysticism (206U)
Power of Your Word (220)
Self Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self (222U)
Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living (107U) 

Bible History & Scholarship (209)
Emersons Essays (208)
Essential Emma Curtis Hopkins (231)  
Financial Freedom – Order through Nova Tech – 
Ignite Your Life with Bible Wisdom
Its All God (218)
Magic of the Soul (219)
Metaphorical Approach to the Bible (210)
Metaphysical Bible (211)
Mind/Body Connection (201)
Myth and Spirit (212)
Power of Decision (202)
Principles of Successful Living (104)
Short Cut to a Miracle (226)
Spiritual Economics (205)
Spiritual Fitness (217)
Spiritual Laws (204)
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (215)
Treat Yourself to Life (214)
This Thing Called You (203)
What the Mystics Knew (206)
5 Gifts for an Abundant Life

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